Frequently asked questions


Can I bring in outside food/drinks?

Outside food and drink is prohibited with the exception of water unless prior approval from The Beach Management. Birthday/Team parties may bring in one dessert item (cake, cupcakes, cookies etc). Food and drinks with the exception of water are not allowed on courts or sand areas.

What type of food/drinks does The Beach offer?

Our menu includes pizza, wings, chicken fingers, nachos, and snacks such as chips and TCBY. The Beach offers Pepsi products and has a fully licenced bar for guests 18+.

Does The Beach offer gluten free options?

No. Exceptions can be made for participants with gluten/other allergies to bring in outside food for Birthday/Team party events. This exception only applies to the individual with the allergy and not the whole group.

Is The Beach a peanut free facility?

The Beach does not carry any items directly containing nuts, however, we cannot guarantee that all products have been made/produced in a nut free environment.


What should my kids wear/bring to a party?

We recommend a comfortable pair of shorts and t-shirt to change into, as well as flip-flops to walk around the facility in as outdoor footwear will be left at the front doors. We also recommend sending a full water bottle.


You must remove your shoes prior to entering the facility. Flip Flops may be worn from the front desk throughout the facility. Bare feet are allowed on volleyball courts, halls, change rooms and mezzanine. Bare feet are not allowed in the restaurant/bar area.


What type of Activities does The Beach offer?

Volleyball, soccer, badminton, spikeball, dodgeball, archery tag (additional cost), tug-of-war, sand castle building, sand toys, hula-hoops, parachute games, relay races, tag games and much more!



You must check-in at the front desk prior to accessing any location inside the facility. Privileges, participation and access can be revoked if you have not checked-in.


Please feel free to take pictures/videos for your own personal content while on courts, in Sandbar or from Mezzanine. However, ensure you have not included any participant whom has not approved the use of themselves in your content. Electronics with photo and recording capabilities are prohibited from change room and washroom areas. If you feel there is any suspicious activity including non-planned photography please inform us immediately.


Please ensure all children under the age of 14 have parental supervision on courts or in the facility at all times.


If any injuries occur.


Are subject to change. All patrons using the facility must abide by the rules and regulations or privileges and access can be revoked.


What are the hours of opperation?

Monday-Friday, 4-10pm Saturday & Sunday, 10am-6pm

How do I book a court?

To book a court please call (431) 997-8225 or email for times and availability. Drop-ins and pick-up games are not available.

Do I need to fill out a waiver form?

All guests who plan to participate in sand activities will need to fill out a waiver form. Parents/Guardians will need to fill out a form for participants under 18. Waivers will be kept on file for 1 year.

Is The Beach licenced?

Yes, the Sandbar/lounge is open during operation hours for guests to enjoy!