To members of the Beach Volleyball Centre community.

The Beach Volleyball Centre is taking measures to help prevent the transmission of COVID-19. 

Our plan today is to keep the Beach Volleyball Centre open. Beyond our normal strict cleaning guidelines to reduce the spread of germs we are doing the following

  • Increased presence of hand sanitizer on site for customers
  • Increased hours for cleaning staff to maintain a safe environment for all
  • Intensified cleaning processes – sanitizing door knobs, railings, desks, chair backs, sports equipment etc
  • We have instructed our staff to cease high-fives and fist bumps with customers¬†
  • As per usual any staff members who are ill are asked to stay home

The Beach team has consulted widely with other venues of similar nature and have decided this is the most appropriate action for the beach at this time. We are monitoring the situation on a day to day basis and will update the public if any changes are to be made. These measures are effective immediately and will stay in place until further notice.

I thank you as a customer for your continued support of The Beach Volleyball Centre.

Please join me in working together to keep our community as safe, healthy and as active as possible.

I thank you for your understanding.


The Beach Team